Get Foolish!

Join us May 20th for a chef takeover as Marga Rafucci of @SorellinaBoston gets foolish!

Check out our FOOL list of upcoming Chef takeovers. The series begins Monday May 20th!

Marga Rafucci of Sorelina

#SorellinaBoston @SorellinaBoston

Sorellina Remix

Oct dog

octopus, fresno chile relish, fennel, squid ink ketchup

Foie gras

terrine, strawberry, monkey bread

Scallop crudo

agretti, wild asparagus, finger limes

Tuna tartare

Mostarda aioli, French breakfast radish, pickled ramps, crispy wonton

Island Beats


fresh farmer’s cheese fritters, anise seeds, Parmigiano

Sandwich de mezcla

Puertorrican pimento cheese (add Spam), white bread, maraschino cherries

Spamglish tortilla

potatoes, onions, manzanilla olives, Spam

Dip de alcachofas

Baby artichokes, white anchovies, Parmigiano, chips